Cyber Security


Feb 14, 2019 : John Atanasoff Forum, Sofia Tech Park, Bulgaria

Hall C, 15:00-16:00

Topic: Augmenting security operation centers with cognitive analysis and threat hunting capabilities

Speaker: Aleksandar Ciric, Security technical sales, Southeast Europe, IBM

In an evolving Cybersecurity landscape a sophisticated attacker can remain undetected for months or even years. Proactive approach to the threat identification is becoming a necessity for the high profile organizations, especially in the defense, government and finance sectors. 
IBM is tackling the problem by enhancing the security operations center incident investigation and threat hunting capabilities with the tools and methodologies that aid the analysts uncover connections and patterns in data to identify hidden threats. Using advanced analytics and visual analysis helps analysts focus on core problem and analysis of the data, now displayed in human readable and understandable format, while automating parts of the otherwise manual process with the machine assistance. Behavior analysis, machine learning and threat intelligence feeds augmented by IBM Watson cognitive technology can help in processing the large data sets that would otherwise be unmanageable for the human analyst operating on the unfiltered data set alone. Successful threat hunt and following investigation outcome will result in the new matching and correlations techniques for the automated detection technologies thus gradually improving organizations security posture and ability to combat sophisticated external or internal threats in the future. 


The wine experience at the event will be provided by the Pixels Brand of New Bloom Winery

While Spetema and Devin will take care of your refreshements


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